Creative, engaging, and highly functional UI/UX Design.

Say out loud the most important thing about business, service or product.
Portraying information exactly as you intend to. This is where the concepts of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) take place.

Give your customers exactly what they want.

Getting your branding right as early in the process is critical to your success. The most important strategy to enhance a lasting awareness in target audiences is without a doubt the brands image, brand guidelines and website user experience. Before diving into a project, we ask the tough questions, re-search industries and competitors to create the best possible solution.
From a users’ perspective. What problems do they have? How can your service or product be used to improve their life?
We strive to understand the key objectives of every project and focus on solving client’s problems by developing wireframes, mockups and design user interfaces.
At its foundation, UX design serves a specific purpose: to provide a more easy and straightforward digital experience by providing end-users with exactly what they came for. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to navigate a website and feeling totally helpless. Obviously, all of this leads back to one important and vital prerequisite of excellent UX design: simplicity.


We build websites with such a user-friendly experience to ensure that no one who comes to your website ends up feeling lost or frustrated. Everything from proper navigation,headers, footers to call-to-actions and clarity contributes to a great User Experience.

Do it with looks.

User Experience (UX) is nothing without User Interface (UI) design; the two work in tandem to create a functional impressive website. This is where UX Studios stands out above its competitors, we’re a design-heavy agency whose prime goal is creating attractive websites with great backend development. We are motivated by our client’s weekly emails “Conversions have gone up again” and believe strong first impressions and brand awareness matter.
All of our online sites are receptive and responsive to any screen resolution; smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer screen. To achieve a cohesive and complete web experience, we integrate amazing design, User Experience, and Brand Identity.

UX/UI design projects that we love to create.

  • Shopify stores
  • Service based website UX/UI design
  • E-Commerce website UX/UI design
  • Mobile apps
  • Fin-tech mobile app UX/UI design
  • Software UX / UI design
  • Sales landing pages

Frequently asked questions

The first thing to note is that e-commerce web development is not a short-term game. It’s a long process of constant updates and maintenance by the web development experts hired. So, it’s important to remember that if you have a budget to hire well established web development agencies, that’s exactly what you should do.

While choosing a web development agency, it’s important to look into their previous work. Hire an agency that has already worked on e-commerce sites for your particular industry. Hiring a web agency that has experience in your field can help you as they would have already made mistakes with previous clients and learnt from them. This will help save you time and will get you to your goals faster.

There are various integration options for shipment.

Shopify (Partner status), Magento 2.0, WooCommerce, Neto, and BigCommerce (Partner status), as well as custom platforms for those in need of custom applications for which no third-party solution exists.


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