A new way to manage and
pay bills

William is the all-in-one tool that helps you manage your day to day financial life. Manage upcoming bills from all vendors, payments made from saved payment methods in app, schedule payment dates, request payment extensions at a click of a button, split bills into 4 weekly payments, split house hold bills with others, send or receive instant payments from friends and family, sign up to new utility, service and subscription plans and more.

Bills straight to
the app.

Save time searching for bills when you remember they are due. Once a bill is generated by a biller it is automatically sent to the app with reminders before they are due eliminating late fees forever. Pay straight away with your saved payment methods, schedule a payment date, split it into 4 weekly payments or request an extension with a click of a button.


When William approached UX Studios to come up with a complete branding process, UX/UI design exploration research and UX/UI application and backend software design we jumped at the opportunity. Being lovers of innovation, tech but also bringing an application to life that will soon change how Australasia countries receive and pay bills into the future we could not be more proud of the feedback that William has received so far from their current William BETA testers, key players in the FinTech industry not just in Australasia but also across the globe and general users.


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