ASX code: AXE
Archer is an ASX-listed company in Australia and one of the few companies in the world building a Quantum Computing Processor. They specialise in technology and focus on creating and commercialising cutting-edge technology, such as quantum computing and biotechnology.

Creating and commercialising cutting-edge technology

Every year, Archer is mandated to create and print an annual report for distribution to its shareholders and the general public. To achieve this, they need annual report designs that are modern, professional and able to efficiently communicate their challenges and solutions visually.
UX Studios was the one tasked to finish the annual report design within a particular time frame. They used their expertise to help Archer convey and highlight their accomplishments properly as well as the impact of these accomplishments.

Clear Structure and Content

Choosing what to include and what to leave out is one of the most difficult aspects of drafting and creating an annual report. It’s critical to plan out the report’s content and organisation. Otherwise, it will fail to communicate its message properly. Good design without good content is just empty paper.

It is also crucial to ensure that any information is perfect and accurate with no grammatical errors. UX Studios made sure that the document is written in a clear, exact, and unambiguous manner. Throughout the document, it maintained a professional and objective tone.

Archer 2


A well-designed report should not only be visually appealing. It should also be clear and easy to understand. Readers should be able to scan the document and extract the information they require.
UX Studios ensured to use the complementary colour scheme and layout techniques that are in line with Archer’s brand. Key areas and achievements were also emphasised accordingly with the right visual elements. Using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, UX Studios was able to create compelling designs.

Quick Uptake On Revisions

UX Studios worked closely together with board members to remain as close as possible to their intended message. They provide updates in response to board member feedback and adjustments to generate necessary revisions on time.
UX Studios believe it’s important to have bilateral communication with the clients to ensure optimal results.
Archer 3


Once the report is signed off by members of the board, UX
Studios submitted digital copies for
  • Website upload
  • Digital distribution
  • Print-ready files
  • Hard copy printing
  • Package up Adobe source files.


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